This is YOUR first step to your real estate adventure. The primary objectives of the Broker Pre-Licensing Course are to:


(1) to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to act as licensed real estate brokers in NC in a manner that protects and serves the public interest and; 


(2) to prepare students for the NC real estate license examination. At this School the Pre-Licensing course consists of a total of 75 classroom hours of instruction, including the end-of-course examination. Successful completion of this Broker Pre-licensing course  and end-of-course examination will qualify you to take the NC State Real Estate Licensing Examination.


You will learn a multitude of topics to prepare you for the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam including basic real estate principles and practices, including real estate law, financing, brokerage, closing, valuation, management, taxation and real estate mathematics. Also included is instruction on construction, land use, environmental hazards, property insurance, NC real estate law and North Carolina Real Estate Commission Rules.

If you have been anticipating your next move on an exciting new career in real estate, let's GET GOING with our Pre-Licensing Course that will help buillld a solid foundation for your future success!

To view the Pre-Licensing Course Syllabus, click here.

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