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  • Do I need to purchase books for the Prelicensing course?
    No, all educational materials including your book are included at GG Real Estate School.
  • What does GSI stand for?
    Gold Standard Instructor GSI Real Estate Educators Association REEA GSI’s provide a foundation of Interactive Learning environments with classroom activities that actually promote learning through tools, techniques, and technology that make teaching and learning fun.
  • How much does the Prelicensing course cost?
    Currently $500.00 which includes your text book.
  • What material are required for Prelicensing?
    A basic calculator. Usually found for less than $10.00. You may not under any circumstance use your phone calculator.
  • How many hours of instruction time is required for Prelicensing?
    The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires a minimum of 75 instructional hours that also includes the classroom examination.
  • Am I a real estate agent after I pass the class?
    NO, you must submit an application to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission with fee, (currently $100.00) and pass the back ground check to be allowed to register and take the Licensing Examination.
  • Am I a real estate broker once I pass the NCREC Licensing Exam?
    Yes, but you will not be able to provide real estate services to others until you affiliate (join) a real estate firm / brokerage.
  • Is there a resource where I may learn more about becoming a real estate broker?
    Yes, please use the following link.
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