Do I need to purchase books for the Prelicensing course?

No, all educational materials including your book are included at GG Real Estate School.

What does GSI stand for?

Gold Standard Instructor GSI Real Estate Educators Association REEA GSI’s provide a foundation of Interactive Learning environments with classroom activities that actually promote learning through tools, techniques, and technology that make teaching and learning fun.

How much does the Prelicensing course cost?

Currently $500.00 which includes your text book.

What material are required for Prelicensing?

A basic calculator. Usually found for less than
$10.00. You may not under any circumstance use your phone calculator.

How many hours of instruction time is required for Prelicensing?

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires a minimum of 75 instructional hours that also includes the classroom examination.

Am I a real estate agent after I pass the class?

NO, you must submit an application to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission with fee, (currently $100.00) and pass the back ground check to be allowed to register and take the Licensing Examination.

Am I a real estate broker once I pass the NCREC Licensing Exam?

Yes, but you will not be able to provide real estate services to others until you affiliate (join) a real estate firm / brokerage.

Is there a resource where I may learn more about becoming a real estate broker?

Yes, please use the following link. https://www.ncrec.gov/Brochures/general.pdf